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Digital nomads and remote workers in EU Countries

Digital nomads and remote workers in EU Countries

In one of our last posts, we discussed digital nomads and the necessary conditions to obtain a work visa in Italy. 

But what about the situation in other European countries?

🇵🇹 In Portugal, to obtain a one-year work visa, you need:
- a minimum salary equivalent to four times the country's minimum wage, which is €3,280 per month
- at least €9,840 in a bank account

🇪🇸 In Spain, the minimum salary required to obtain the permit is at least €2,140 per month. Unlike other European visas that require workers to be employed or have clients primarily outside the specific country, here 20% of the digital nomads' work can come from Spanish clients.

🇭🇷 Croatia, which introduced this measure in 2021, has developed the simplest and fastest procedure to obtain the visa among all European countries.

🇨🇿 The Czech Republic allows easy access to the visa provided that workers have:
- health insurance coverage
- a minimum salary
- remote or freelance work for STEM or IT industries
- a degree and/or at least three years of work experience

🇮🇸 Iceland's plan for remote workers is less accessible, mainly due to high entry costs: the mandatory minimum salary here is €7,000 per month.

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