Our services

We offer a wide range of professional and tailor made services.

Tax  Services 

  • Corporate income tax;
  • VAT compliance; 
  • Transfer pricing advice, document review, preparation of documents for clients; 
  • Tax analysis and opinion;  
  • Tax audit assistance; 
  • Tax due diligence; 
  • Day by day assistance;
  • Tax optimization and planning advice. 

Accounting Services - Financial Statements 

  • Financial statement files, explanatory and management notes; 
  • Management and  periodical accounting reports; 
  • Preparing consolidated financial statements in accordance with the IFRS; 
  • Reporting for consolidation purposes; 
  • Bookkeeping services;
  • On-going consultations with clients on optimal and legally compliant business decisions.

Statutory Auditors 

We provide the full range of audit services. The firm’s partners may be assigned as statutory auditors, in accordance with the “independence rules” (ethics provisions) of the Italian National CPA Organization. We are proud to be a statutory auditor member of the Moore Stephens Italian Umbrella. 

Corporate finance and corporate transaction advice

  • M&A advice, including financial, tax and accounting aspects (sellers and buyers perspective); 
  • Capital financing by private investors (venture capital & private equity). 
We offer support throughout the investment process, including the due diligence and negotiation processes. 

Our Corporate Finance services include

  • Due diligence audit (pre and post closing) for operational, financial, tax and labour-related issues; 
  • Data room analysis, transactional risk assessment; 
  • Business evaluation; 
  • Participation in negotiations (in a coordinative capacity) and transactions (pricing, safeguard clauses); 
  • Post-closing monitoring (price guarantees, transaction accounting, optimisation of terms); 
  • Post-closing integration; 
  • Analysis and business plan preparation. 

Payroll and personnel administration 

Our company, in order to provide high level services in the field of personnel administration, has set up with a well-known payroll office based in Milan the International Payroll Bureau srl, which assists our customers in all matters of work. In particular, we offer the following services:

  • Preparing required documents under the Labour Law (employee’s labour agreements); 
  • Registrations services, linked with tax and social security authorities; 
  • Payroll calculation; 
  • Preparing tax and social security returns.


We provide knowledge that both strengthens our clients' skills and ensures stable business development.
Our training courses: 

  • International Financial Reporting Standards (implementation, amendments); 
  • Financial and tax accounting; 
  • Income tax, deferred tax; 
  • Consolidation; 
  • Analysis of financial statements; 
  • Bookkeeping arrangements, cut-off procedures.