About Us

We are proud to belong to the Moore Global Network, one of the largest accountancy and consulting networks in the world. Whilst beeing independent in terms of ownership and management, we are strongly integrated with the international network spread across 108 countries with more than 600 offices worldwide.
Our international vision, combined with our professional skills, enables us to serve you at a local, national and interrnational level. 

Access. Care. Passion. Community.

"We are here for you whenever you need us".

We provide a personal, partner/principal-led client service.
The Client’s business is managed by a dedicated team that can guarantee continuity of service at all times. 
"We'll guide and support you in a changing world".

All clients are individually treated with a relationship based on frequent contacts and a continuous exchange of information. This allows us to adapt to your changing needs by embracing your specific requests at every stage of your business development.  
"Our drive and dedication deliver results".

Our aim will always be to help you achieve your desired results, while taking care of all regulatory changes and recommending the most suitable cost-saving solutions.  

"We are more and more connected and our global family will help you realize your ambitions".​

Internationally, Moore member companies and correspondents have as their point of strength a synergic and cohesive relationship. The central point of Moore policy is to ensure that all partners and professionals in Member Firms around the world meet regularly (locally and internationally) as to ensure an aligned way of working throughout the world.